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United Metal Construction, LLC


United Metal Construction, LLC is one of the most reliable and trusted construction companies in the Tri-State area. Founded, initially, as a metal roofing installation company, it has evolved over the years into a full–range installation specialist, for your exterior cladding materials. What drove that transformation, was an unequivocal demand from customers, to cover all of the aspects of the exterior construction. Customers, who had United install metal siding or metal roofs, wanted the same timely, affordable, quality work on installation of other exterior surface coverings. United Metal Construction While diversifying our portfolio of available installation services, we kept one mantra the same – any and all work needed to be done on time and with the same quality that the company was already known for.

Our past and present work includes small residential projects and large commercial, State and Federal government projects. Geographically, we have worked on projects spanning almost the entire east coast of the USA.

United is well known in architectural and professional community. We are the recommended installer by a number of large Architectural firms and agencies. Continued cooperation with local roofing companies and material distributors, showed us a great need to have a professional metals fabricator in the area. That’s how United Metal Construction, LLC was founded. While a completely independent business, it is still following in the same traditions, as United – timeliness and quality. Edge metals, metal flat roof accessories, custom architectural metal pieces, roll–formed metal panels – are just a few examples in the wide array of products that United Metal Construction, LLC offers. And as usual – no order is too large or too small: all of the orders are treated with the same attention to detail and quality. United Metal Construction, LLC works with all of the local and national flat stock manufacturers: Drexel Metals, Englert, ATAS, Fabral among others: therefore, your order can be done in any color or metal that you may desire.

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